How to Decorate a Small Space with Planters

PlantersNot everyone has a privilege of large garden, sprawling deck or patio for vegetable, fruits and flower gardening. However, just because you don’t have a large space, it is no reason to turn off your creative desires. You can use your apartment balcony, terrace and sideways to create a wonderful garden, or just transform your space into a fantastic garden. Container gardening can be done in many things, but terracotta pots in Melbourne are trusted and reliable container for gardening.

Container Gardening in a Confined Space

Container planting can be highly decorative; you need to know the designing principle of gardening. You can grow variety of flowers and foliage leaves such as ferns in your pots. You can add colours to your pot or do some simple designing to create an artistic flavour. The nurseries or garden shops, which sell garden statues in Melbourne, pots, potting mix, fertilizers and other things for gardening, can provide you variety of pots. For vegetable gardening, you need large pots with good depth. Flowers can be easily reared in medium to large pots.

For a little or confined space, you can use hanging flower basket overhead or planter boxes on the railings. Most of the plants require 4-6 hours of sunlight, so make sure your plants have enough sunlight to make its own food. If you don’t have enough sunlight, then choose flowers or plants that can thrive in shades or less sunlight. You can add beautiful succulents in your garden, which can grow well in shades and less water.

Herbs and Vegetables in your Garden

Growing vegetables in pots is challenging but not impossible. You can nurture lots of vegetable plants in planter boxes or garden pots. Vegetables demand sunlight and water, so it is a good idea to make a garden in the terrace if you exclusive want to create a kitchen garden. Also, install a water tank in Melbourne for continuous supply of water.

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