Best Tips for Yard Décor and Garden Structure

Garden StructureGarden decoration is a full time work with a sound knowledge of landscape architecture and decoration. However, for general people it’s not always possible to hire professional experts to decorate gardens in a way it should be. Here are some tips, so dos and don’ts for laymen who can transform their gardens with a little bit of tweaks and understanding the basic principles.

  1. Irrespective of size, you must keep a mixture of pots in your garden along with ground trees, bushes and plants. You can buy pots in Melbourne where you can choose from small to big pots. These pots should be placed near the driveway, sideways, near the water features. The best plants you can rear in these pots are ferns, houseplants, small tropical flowering plants and others.
  1. For a big garden, it is necessary to add a hardscape element. You can find variety of garden statues in Melbourne, other than that, you can install a fountain, a bird bath or a small pond. A stone wall or stone pathway can be a great hardscape.
  1. Terracotta pots in Melbourne are great way to embellish your garden. Also, you can decorate with floor planters, basket stands, and other specially designed planters.
  1. It is not always necessary that you create a focal point in the middle of your garden. You can create anywhere but you need to focus on the landscaping, the way planting has been done or envisaged, also what type of focal point you want to put in.
  1. Grassy areas are important to accentuate the landscape, also for your children and pets to play. It is also a place where you can sit and relax.
  1. Add a colour theme and stick to it. You can use two or three themes with a fixed texture to complement the overall look.
  1. Choose your landscape materials carefully. Choose things that can stay unaffected in different weather conditions. These materials are important because you don’t to lose your decoration because of sudden rain or frost in winters.
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