How to Decorate Your Garden with Variety of Garden Accessories?

Garden Statues MelbourneGarden is a place of retreat, a place one can find solace in midst of daily cacophony. Garden can be amazingly beautiful if you care a little about your plants and understand the design aspects of it. You can decorate your garden with different decorative accessories like bird bath or feeder, planters, water fall, fountains etc. Garden statues, however, find a special mention because of their versatility and beauty.

There are many garden accessories that are available in variety of styles and designs. Depending on the size and design principle of your garden, you can create a lovely garden landscape.

Terracotta Pots

It is a rather different choice as an accessory but there are many terracotta pots in Melbourne, which are uniquely designed, stylish and very convenient to put anywhere in the garden. In a small garden, these pots are very well maintained and give a great look.

Garden Feeder or Bird House

Bird feeders are available in various designs including animal shaped, hut shaped bird homes, made with wood, metal and ceramic. These are excellent choice for garden accessories that you can hang on trees or put in a place where birds come and have their food.

Garden Fountains

Like pots in Melbourne, garden fountains are also very popular as an accessory. The beauty of the fountain comes with not just seeing but also listening to natural soothing sound in midst of lush green environ. Free standing fountains are very popular because these are available in variety of materials such as metal, stone, ceramic, wood and others.

Garden Statues

We have already mentioned about garden statues and there are various garden statues in Melbourne available with versatile themes including historic, fairy, religious, animals etc. For a small garden you can opt for animal theme that goes well with small planted garden landscape. For big landscape with trees, you can choose from historical or religious theme.

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