6 Refreshing Water Features to Add Charm to Your Garden

water features SydneyIf you have a big garden or small, it doesn’t matter if you want to liven up your garden with a little more than just pots and plants. Water features are the excellent way to spice up your garden decor. If you have a small backyard garden, you can also use container water feature that truly make a splash. Let’s find out 6 water features Sydney that can be easily done in your garden.

  1. Rustic backyard pond

If you have enough space in your backyard, you can create a charming rural home scenario with a small pond. Add some water plants Melbourne with water filters through a galvanized watering system. It gives a rustic effect.

  1. Pond in a box

Everyone is not privileged to have a big backyard, but a little innovation can create a fine pond in a box. Container ponds are these days quite popular like container gardens. You can add some bright flowers and succulents in Melbourne to add more splashes in your container pond.

  1. Rock water feature

If you don’t have space, can’t devote much time to pond and have small kids, you can opt for rock water feature, which can be created by natural rocks with masonry threaded them with water system to make this low-maintenance, inexpensive yet beautiful fountain.

  1. Bamboo pond embellishment

Clacking bamboo is Zen inspired garden water feature that gives gentle soft sound.

  1. Rain waterfall in the backyard

Without maintaining a big pond, you can just install simple rain water fall in your backyard. You can utilise your old wooden storage bin with a sprinkler system to create this soothing summer rain sound.

  1. Patio water fall

You just need two panes of tempered glass and a wooden frame to create this stunning patio water fall. For adding more glitz, illuminate it with colourful lights in the night.

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