Are You Ready To Enjoy The Benefits Of Rain Water Tanks Melbourne?

Rain Water Tanks MelbourneRain water tanks Melbourne have not just become the most popular method of saving water but are being used increasingly for watering the garden as well. The good news is that the Australian government has introducing several rebates on installation of tanks and various connections like toilet or laundry connections. Apart from the rebates, there are several benefits of installing water tanks and some of them are:

  1. Rain water tanks Melbourne are easy to install and use
  2. These tanks can be set up anywhere i.e., you can install them in your lawn or on the terrace
  3. There are a variety of styles and sizes available that are suitable for fulfilling the needs of different family sizes and homes
  4. You can save water in rain water tanks Melbourne during the rainy season and use them through the summers or whenever required
  5. If you have a lawn consisting of plant or garden pots Melbourne then a water tank can be connected directly to your garden. In order to fulfill garden water needs, you can actually connect your tank to your garden or outdoor tap and hose.
  6. You can choose from something as small as 1,000 litres to as big as 24,000 litres
  7. Rain water tanks Melbourne will help you save on your utility bill as rainwater is free
  8. The technology used for making these water tanks functional is robust and simple and rely primarily on a natural system for delivery
  9. Whether you want to water plant or garden pots Melbourne or your lawn containing artificial grass and rock Melbourne, rainwater is considered a much better option vis-Ă -vis grey water

Last but not the least; you can avail a rebate of $30 under the “Living Victoria Water Rebate Program” if you spend $100 or more on specific eligible products like:

  • Composting bin
  • Garden tap timer
  • Garden mulch including pebbles and rocks Melbourne and scoria
  • Trigger nozzle
  • Weep hoses or drip watering system
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