Broad Categorization of Garden Pots in Melbourne – A Glance

Garden PotsWith a plethora of gardening containers, planter boxes and plant pots to select from people are often spoilt for choice as to which type will best suit their needs, present monetary value and which the plant will prefer. To help one make the right choice below are some varieties of garden pots and their respective benefits.

Broad categorization:

The different types of garden pots in Melbourne include,

  • Clay pots – pots made of clay are the most familiar in Melbourne. These are baked and also may be glazed and are available in assorted sizes and shapes ranging from large tubs, troughs to small round pots. The greatest benefit of using clay pots is its wide availability and cost effective prices
  • Wooden containers – this is another popular variety and comes in rectangular or square shapes and mostly used as window boxes in flats and apartments. Wooden planter boxes in Melbourne can either be purchased readymade or created using DIY kits. In fact, it is easy in making these planter boxes. Its greatest advantage is these look nice, possess good heat insulation, affordable and easy to make to the size one may need or want
  • Plastic plant pots – these pots are quickly gaining in popularity. These also come in varied sizes and shapes and are manufactured from an array of different plastics. Heavy-duty plastics like polypropylene are utilized for making ornamental tubs and larger troughs. Its greatest plus is that these are light weight and affordable, thereby making it a better choice than clay pots. These are accessible in varied colours and can be spray painted too

Whichever garden pot one goes for, one should ensure that the pot is ideal for the plant they intend to grow in it as well as suits their overall needs. Today different shapes and colours of rocks in Melbourne are widely used for adorning the pots. Then everything that remains definitely is taking pleasure in potting the plants as well as watching them grow.

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