Three Different Ways of Using Rocks Melbourne for Landscaping

Rocks Melbourne Rocks and pebbles have been a key element of landscaping for ages. In fact, the famous cobblestone paths of the 18th century London are nothing more than larger versions of pebbles. There was a time when cobblestones and pebbles were used for creating boundary walls of homes as well and today they are used for landscaping purposes among others. Landscaping using pebbles and rocks Melbourne creates an old world charm, the kind that has an extremely earthy feel to it. This is great for aesthetics as well as the environment as they can play an important role in preventing soil erosion.

In the modern age, landscape architects suggest that pebble and rocks can be used in landscaping in 4 different ways and they are:

  • Toppings: Different types, sizes, and colours of pebbles and rocks can be used as topping for garden pots Melbourne. They can also be used for creating shapes or works of art around the more earthly looking terracotta pots Melbourne, as this can enhance the overall aesthetic value. Some of the most commonly used pebbles for toppings include 7mm white pebble, 10mm white pebble, 7mm river pebble, and Seymour or Geelong Grey 7mm.
  • Garden Ponds: This is probably one of the salient aspects of any landscape. Although it needs space but some of the smaller gardens in Australia have multiple smaller pools that bring in an element of calmness or serenity to the landscape. A variety of sizes of rocks Melbourne can be used for creating the boundary of the water tank as well as the bed. Some of the most commonly used pebbles and rocks for this purpose include 40mm – 200mm Flat Brown Pebble, 75mm – 150mm Grey and Brown Granite, 40-80mm White Ice, 150mm Caramel pebbles, and large volcanic and slate rocks.
  • Pathways: Pathways have existed from time immemorial and there are no dearth of ideas for creating pathways using pebbles and rocks Melbourne. In fact, one of the most common ways of doing it is creating a small pathway in between trees, shrubs, and terracotta pots Melbourne. Some of the commonly used rocks and pebbles for this purpose include 20mm White Ice, 20mm Tuscan, 20mm Granite Pebble, and 50mm Oasis Pebbles among others.
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