Garden Statues Melbourne Can Enhance Landscape

Garden StatuesLandscaping is all about making the home outdoor space attractive and alluring. There are several elements that can be incorporated in landscaping of garden space and one such element is a garden sculpture. Most often than not, people miss out on this small little element because of lack of landscaping ideas or lack of availability of garden statues Melbourne.

So how does this element really work? Garden sculpture has its own distinctive appeal unlike garden pots Melbourne. Garden pots are a small part of a bigger landscape while garden statues are either the centre of attraction in a particular landscape or a stand out feature. There are some really amazing ideas that can be created around garden statues Melbourne like a Black Buddha Head Statue can transform the garden into a Zen park or a spiritual abode. Similarly, a Welcome Doggie statue can bring in an element of fun and warmth into the landscape.

Here are some great ideas for enhancing the landscape:

  • Statue and fountain: Statues go great with fountains! Some of the famous fountains of the world created around statues and sculptures include the world famous Trevi Fountain (Rome), People’s Friendship Fountain (Moscow), Oval Fountain (Tivoli), and Peterhof Fountain (Saint Petersburg). Fountains can be created around several types of garden statues Melbourne including the jug lady statue. Fountains can also be surrounded by sculptures and different styles and sizes of garden pots Melbourne.
  • Statue and water ponds: There are some statues that can really bring out the element of water. Sea Dragon garden statues Melbourne are the perfect complement to small garden ponds as they are available in three different pieces. They can be installed in the pond and decked with coloured lights to make it look surreal in the night.
  • Romantic Statues: Statues and sculptures that ooze romance and love can have a therapeutic effect on just about everyone from the homeowners to visitors and neighbours. Some of the romantic garden statues Melbourne that can be installed in a landscape include the kissing angel statue, first love statue, and Daniel.
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