Two Most Popular Water Features You Might Like for Your Outdoors

Do you want a uniquely designed landscape that will leave all your guests, neighbors, and visitors simply awestruck? Then, you should try to incorporate designs and elements in your garden that make it stand out from the rest. One of the ways of doing so would be to invest in stunning water features. Water features not just add more ornamental designs to your landscape but also cool it down on a scorching summer day and creates a pleasant ambiance for you.


So, are you ready to install one at home? There are various places from where you can get these water features Perth or anywhere else in Australia. So, you must choose one which complements your space and completes it. In order to make your choice easier, here, we have put together a few kinds of water features you might like in your outdoors. Take a look.

  1. Ponds

Now you can bring nature closer to you with an artificial pond right in your backyard. Install a pond water feature and fill it with water. Decorate the pond with small rocks and pebbles and add a touch of greenery in it with aquatic plants. If you want, you can also add goldfish in it to give it a more real-like feel. This can be quite an intriguing element of your outdoor decor.

  1. Fountains

Amidst our hectic lives and noisy neighborhoods, the refreshing waterfall with its trickling sound of the water splashing on itself is a bliss. Available in various sizes and shapes, the fountains can be a perfect focal point in your landscape or even make an outstanding addition to several other kinds of interesting garden ornaments.

So, these were some of the popular choices for water features. If you like these or want to see more, then you have to visit a place which offers such water features or garden containers like pots and planter boxes Melbourne.

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4 Good Reasons That Has Popularized Water Features in Perth and Adelaide


The sound of the nature will be really relaxing and peaceful. The birds chirping and answering its mate will be really serene while the wind rustling in the leaves will stir the soul. Yet the sound that will be the most tranquil will be that of the running water. Water is nature and at its best- elemental, centering and calming. If you wish to enjoy such sounds in your immensely busy life, then it is time that you consider installing a water feature in the garden.  Be it fountains in Perth or any other water feature for that matter you can find them easily these days and in different varieties.

How You Can Benefit from a Water Feature?

When you choose one of the best water features in Perth or Adelaide and install it in your home, you can be benefited in the following ways,

  • Along with capturing your attention with its melodious sounds a water feature can also at the same time be eye-catching. The worth of a home, which also includes the curb appeal will be enhanced when you install a water feature in your landscape. It will offer a focal point and also make your home have an edge over others.
  • Water is an immensely precious resource. Brooks, backyard ponds and waterfalls are all self sustaining and will require minimal maintenance. A water feature will attract different forms of wildlife and help sustain them in your area.
  • When you install a water feature in your garden it will pave the way to a place where seeing and hearing nature will be at your fingertips. Such sounds will prove therapeutic and enable you in escaping the hectic life right within the comfort of the yard.
  • Last but not the least it will help in blocking out the noises like cars in the busy street, construction or neighbors. When you install a water feature, it will make your garden one of a kind where you can relax and unwind.

Are these not reasons enough, why water features in Adelaide and Perth widely used? Try it to believe it.

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4 Good Reasons Why Water Features in Perth and Adelaide Are So Popular

An enhanced landscaping can augment the worth of a property to a large extent. To install a water feature will be a great means to augment the look of a home and make it different from the rest. A waterfall in the front or back yard will offer more appeal to the home. Besides, it will turn into an excellent place for seeking entertainment, especially during a get together or a party. Also adding a water feature is a smart means of incorporating water to the outdoor living devoid of having to move next to a lake or an ocean. Today you will not only get fountains in Perth and Adelaide but the list of water features include much more.

Water Features Found in Perth

Benefits Galore

Below are some of the reasons why water features in Perth and Adelaide so much in demand,

  • Enrich the Garden Space- First and foremost, it will enrich the garden space. A simple home will right away look more valuable and classier after installing a water feature. In short, it will be an excellent investment which will do magic to your abode’s appearance.

  • Help the Environment- When you install a water feature, it will automatically attract different forms of wildlife such as frogs, birds, butterflies and much more. This way you will allow them to stay alive and most importantly, help the environment in ways untold.

  • Health and Wellness- A water feature will offer you soothing sights and sounds that in turn will make you calm and help you relax. In fact, it will help in promoting health and wellness.

  • Unites Families Together- A water feature can serve as an excellent gathering place for family and friends.

These are some of the reasons why water features in Adelaide and Perth are widely used by homeowners. If you too wish to avail its benefits, then install one today.

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Check Out the Different Types of Water Fountains Available in Perth and Adelaide

With regards to water features one of the highly versatile choices is none other than fountains. Today such water features in Adelaide and Perth come in an array of styles and manufactured of different materials which means there is one to cater your needs and taste. The key to selecting the most appropriate type is via considering the present landscape features and the size of the garden. This way you can get a fountain which will easily blend with the remaining of the landscape.

Water Features Found in Perth2

Learn More About the Different Types of Fountains

Fountains in Perth and Adelaide are available in different types of which the most widely used include,

  • Spouting- It is highly dramatic as it comes with a pipe which helps to spray water in the air that creates a plume-like effect. The spouting fountain can be easily added to any existing water feature such as a swimming pool or pond as all that it needs is a submersible pump.

  • Cascading- This is a more subtle variety that uses multiple levels to help the water to overflow gently from one to another. Generally it is self contained.

  • Pondless- This is hidden underground. Owing to its design the pondless fountain does not need much maintenance compared to the other varieties and you can install it even in a smaller area. Basically, it has a contemporary, subtle look and will work equally well both as a backyard or front feature. No wonder such water features in Perth and Adelaide are widely used.

  • Wall- This is indeed a smart choice in case of a small backyard as it does not occupy much space. It comes in both wall-mounted styles and freestanding styles.

So which will be your pick? Weigh the pros and cons of each prior to making the final decision. Good luck.

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4 good reasons why water features in Perth and Adelaide are widely used

There is truly something special about water features no wonder the majority of the inhabitants have added water features in Adelaide and Perth in the last few years. These play a major role to conserve the environment and also offer a serene atmosphere. Although initially it may be a little pricey, but in the long run it will be an absolute value for money.


The benefits in abundance

Water features in Perth, to be more precise fountains in Perth are largely used due to the below mentioned benefits namely,

  • Increased property value- while selling a home, you will definitely look for more profit. A water feature, especially a fountain will pave the way for an ideal place for family gatherings or barbecues. Thus, if you are capable of offering this to the potential buyers automatically they will be happy to pay you more.


  • Environment conservation- to include a water topography in the yard will help you in conserving the environment. So if you wish to take part in an environment conservation then without any hesitation install a water fountain in the garden.


  • Magnificent visual effect- a key reason why most people install a fountain is owing to the wonderful visual effects which it offers. To place a fountain at the center of the garden amid a well manicured lawn and lovely roses will offer a magnificent sight to anyone visiting the home or passing by.


  • Healing effects- last but not the least, adding a fountain in the yard can offer a lot of therapeutic advantages. The sound of the water flowing in the fountain will work wonders to relieve the anxiety and stress which gather during the day. Hence, if you wish to opt for a natural means to ease stress, then consider adding a fountain in the yard.

These are some of the benefits of installing a water fountain in the yard. Try it to believe it.

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Top 5 reasons to install water features in your garden

Simply install a water feature in your garden will transform the whole environment. If you have a big garden, you can create a pond or artificial river. Even for small gardens, a small water fountain will stand out in the garden. With right kind of positioning and add-ons, you can change the ambiance of your garden totally. Here are top five reasons to install water features in your garden.

Water features in Adelaide

  1. Water features in Adelaide are great way to transform the ambiance of your garden. These water features whether fountain or pond, they are very easy to clean. If you know what you are doing and love the hobby, this cleaning job is immensely enjoyable.
  2. You can find variety of fountains in Perth. A fountain is a focal point of your garden. You can find lots of designs, and sizes to choose from. You can match the fountain with your garden style.
  3. Water features in gardens are more beautiful than patios because of sunlight falls on the water stream creates a serene ambiance, especially in the early morning when you go to your garden and see your pond or fountain or artificial stream or any other water feature, it gives you a sense of peace.
  4. Many gardeners add water features in Perth to accentual garden designs and textures. You can create a focal point in your garden, which is very essential in landscape designing. Also, you can add variety of natural river rocks to add natural environment to it. Aquatic plants are good things for decoration of your garden. Aquatic plants are versatile. You can add submerge plants, small dwarf plants, flowering aquatic plants in your garden pond.
  5. A natural ecosystem is incomplete without animals. A pond or artificial stream will attract lots of wildlife such as birds, frogs, grass snakes, insects, and others. You can add more indigenous trees to encourage more animals to come.
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3 Quick Tips for Choosing Water Feature for Your Garden in Australia

Are you living in Australia and are tired of seeing the concrete constructions all around you? Yes? Well, it is indeed the biggest tragedy of city life. The more expansion of cities is happening, the more we are going away from nature. So, if you are already mourning the fact, here is a solution for you. Plan a beautiful garden around your house. It will not only let you enjoy a patch of greenery, but will also provide you a place where you can spend some alone time in the lap of nature. How can you make it more beautiful? It’s Simple; add stunning water features to it.


Water features Perth are known to be quite famous accessories for any home. It makes your garden not just beautiful, but also balances the aesthetics, as well as the life cycle in the garden. So, I am sure installing fountains Perth is quite an appealing idea to you. Now, you must be wondering how you will be able to choose the right water features for your home. Here are a few tips for you that I am sure you will find helpful.


This is the most important step for installing water body in your garden. You need to understand the size that you need before you install the water features Adelaide. The right measurement is necessary of the place as you might have to make sure it fits the place or can be customized.


When you are choosing the garden fountain it is necessary to know about the right material of the fountains too. There are various kinds of materials like stone, copper or glass available in the market. You need to decide first which one is more suitable for your garden and sustainable too.


Style is an important factor to consider. After all you cannot invest in a piece that will be completely out of place with your home exterior style and decor. Choose the right style according to your home and its style.

So, now as you know about these three tips, I am sure you will be able to find the right fountain or water feature for your home garden in Australia.

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